Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Food for Rainy Cold Days

As I said before, I hope that this batch of comfort food is last one this spring. It is May, after all! Even though my barbecue grill is under roof it is still opened on two sides and when it rains the wind always finds its way right where I’m standing. Murphy’s Law rules, what more can I say?
As you can see on pictures my oven was a busy appliance: Ribs, Oven roasted potatoes, Chicken wings

This is repeat of same recipe I’ve done last week. Ribs were on special and I wanted to test my new technique of roasting the ribs on parchment paper. It worked like a charm: the ribs didn’t stick to bottom at all. I love this technique!

Another repeat, but if your protein tastes like candy, what can I say? Perfect dessert for dedicated carnivore like me. This version of chicken wings was done with Char Siu sauce enhanced with  little bit of extra honey.

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Anonymous said...

From the look of it, you can almost taste the "deliciousness" of this meal.

Oh! Yah! It was good and quite filling.

Well done! Chef....