Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are rabbits stupid, brave or ignorant?

This morning, Marjo was watching a rabbit from our deck sniffing daffodils about 20 feet away.  She clapped her hands to scare him away but instead of running away the rabbit came straight towards her and settled in a flower box just two steps away. She clapped again and, again, no response. Somehow, the rabbit didn’t care too much being watched. It was dismissed as “rabbits do what they do” and forgotten. Well, later this afternoon as we walked by the same flower box Marjo noticed small depression at far left corner of the box. The bloody rabbit was building a nest in the box! Not only that, she chomped down some of our beautiful corkscrew grass to line it with! She (it was a very pregnant rabbit) has no idea what these things cost! What to do? We have been through this before when another rabbit build a nest under our Japanese lantern. Anyway, I did fill up the box with soil and now I’ll be watching, but this time with a bamboo stick in my hand. You just have to wonder where her next den will be build. I will be watching! Last year they destroyed most of our coral bells.
Here are the pictures.

Marjo was standing just behind the white flower box and rabbit came up the stairs and into blue box.

The nest (den?) in progress. Notice the corkscrew grass in front.

She reduced the corkscrew grass to half its original size.

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Sébastien said...

Mouha ha ha ha this is soooo funny!