Monday, April 4, 2011

Jumping Robin

For the last four years robins in our neighborhood developed strange behavior where they virtually attack any glass surface, be it door or a window. Almost every house around us has one robin jumping on the windows or doors. Our robin attacks both. There is no point in cleaning the glass until they start nesting. They do that within a day after arriving from south.

Last week this little guy gave me a scare.  Week ago we had two very cold days and nights, it dropped down to minus 15°C. The robin didn’t show up for his early morning jumping exercise and show for 3 days. Then he came back like nothing happened. I am sure it is same bird because of little mark on his left wing. It has to be magnified in order to see it. I am relived that he survived because very soon he will start building his nest in our spruce next to Japanese garden. This will be 3rd year. At least, we hope so. It is fun to watch them taking turn incubating the eggs and then feeding babies.

Here is a movie of our Jumping Robin

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Anonymous said...

JERRY; I have seen this "bird jumping" also and from what I have read, these birds are jumping at their own reflections in the window...thinking that it is another bird invading their territory.