Thursday, May 25, 2017

Eggs Cooked in Pressure Cooker

I came across Facebook group "Vietnamese Instant Pot Recipes" and there I discovered the very best and easiest way to cook soft or hardboiled eggs. Very simple method and eggs peel in one continuous strip.

 I have modified a large steamer rack so that I could lift it from the pot without steamer opening and dumping eggs on floor.

All I had to do was to pass copper wire through two adjoining sections of a steamer in 4 places (relatively evenly apart) and bend the wire over.
Recipe is simplicity itself:

Pour half a cup of water into Instant Pot (IP), place basket with eggs inside stainless steel pot, cover making sure that release valve is in close position (tab facing front), plug the IP in, set on Manual, set timer to 3 minutes and let it do its job.

When done unplug the IP and after additional 3 minutes release steam . Open the lid, remove basket and plunge bowl in cold water to rapidly cool the eggs. When cool, peel as usual. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy the shell and membrane come off, basically in one piece.

Perfectly cooked eggs. Enjoy!