Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is Here! Finally!!

Crocuses are out now for a while but this morning first tulip started to open and Blue Bells cover slopes along our roads.

Also, Robins and Grackles started to build their nests and the lawns are getting greener by the hour. It is incredible how fast the winter damage from snow gets self repaired. Looks like next week I’ll be de-thatching the lawn and after that the regular lawn care routine kicks into full cycle. Next week I’ll be giving the lawn mower spring look-over and get it ready for action.
Despite the spotty weather we have managed 2 golf games in one week. Slow start but it will pick up before we slow down again because of heat and humidity. I just don’t understand how can you play golf in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Texas in summer months? Come to think of it, their playable golfing season is just as short/long as ours is up here in North.
Anyway, it was a long winter but spring is here so lets enjoy it!
By the way, with spring comes grilling on barbecue and mine is clean and ready. I have a natural gas grill so I don’t have to worry about running out of gas, ever.

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