Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snapdragon and Garden Update

What a difference two months make! When I planted the snapdragon seeds in late January I found it hard to believe that they will take 120 to 140 days from seed to trailing stage. People at Johnny’s Selected Seeds know their stuff, I tell you that much. Their web site has the most detailed description of their seeds and growing instructions on the web and on top of it, their customer service is incredible. Every time I have sent a question by email I had answer within 24 hours. I will be their customer as long as I grow my flowers and veggies, for sure. Right now, I just wish that I could plant into the ground what I grew from seeds . What a weird spring. Anyway, here are some pictures of my winter and spring labor.

Tomato Mountain Magic in 2 Liter (2 quart) carton.

And, of course our Bougainvillea. Incredible plant.

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