Monday, May 2, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner - A Simple Meal. Not!

It sounded like a great idea when my better half asked me to cook a big breakfast for our dinner, just like in some family restaurant or old style diner. But hey, these establishments have a huge steel hot plate, something like 15 square feet! They can cook bunch of dishes on one plate. All I have is all kinds of pots and frying pans so the apparent simplicity of the meal went out the window. Big breakfast for us means toast, pan fried potatoes, sausage, melted cheese, eggs and fried beans with maple syrup. That’s quite a few pots and pans:
1.      Toaster for bread
2.      Small sauce pan for beans
3.      Small sauce pan for par-boiling potatoes
4.      Large frying non-stick pan for sausage, potatoes and cheese
5.      Medium non-stick frying pan for eggs sunny-side-up.
Yes, all four burners were on. Some simple meal. J
Note to myself: Make only when you have way too much energy left at the end of a day and not after playing golf and mowing the lawn afterwards.

Oh! Was it worth the effort? Absolutely! Will I make it again? Definitely!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely delicious breakfast considering it was for a dinner.....

Not all dinner are created equal...ahahahah