Monday, March 7, 2011

Peach Tree Got Some Serious Trim

After procrastinating for last 2 years I have finely pruned our super productive Peach Reliance (Prunus persica). What a job it was! It is not the physical aspect of it but deciding what to cut and how far to cut. In the beginning I took it slowly; you can always cut more but once it is cut, that’s it. In the end we liked the result. I figured that the wood I cut would have produced at least a bushel of peaches. The loss of peaches for this season doesn’t bother me since we gave most of the fruits to our neighbors anyway. I am just anxious to see what the tree will look like once the leaves are out. Now I have to find out how to heal the cut wood of one branch that is a bit rugged and slightly split. I don’t want any disease to get into the wood and possible kill the branch or even the whole tree. It is high time to get some advice from Garden Web.

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