Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Clay Work Page is Being Build!

Finally, I had some time to work on my pottery page. Of course, the first order of business is to take picture of all ceramic pieces that I want to show. Not an easy task, I found out. I have already built a light box last year but with shiny glazes it doesn’t work that well. Only practical solution was to build “light tent” which is basically just a box frame that has a white fabric wrapped on sides, top and back and with free flowing and changeable back curtain. So, off I went to hardware store to get some plastic tubing and fittings and then Wal-Mart to buy some white fabric, cheap desk lamps and light bulbs. But, I’m still having hard time to get rid of sharp and bright highlights on some very round pieces so I guess I will have to fix it in Photoshop.
Here is one jar that gave me fit with those sharp highlights. I'll figure it out, I have to. Looks like there is a Google session on my timetable.

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