Saturday, March 26, 2011


What will I do with all the salmon I bought plus extra sushi rice and other sushi roll ingredients I always have on hand? I think that the decision was made for me, as usual. This time I wanted to add pickled ginger to the roll and in the process I forgot to use Tobiko or Flying Fish Roe. They give the sushi such a nice crunch. Oh, well, next roll. Pieces of Makizushi with a soy sauce in a bowl and some pickled ginger on side is such a nice snack!
Here is my process I did today (it will not be the same next time):


Anonymous said...

Beautiful looking plate and very delicious.

Anonymous said...

I just love rolling sushis and stuffing them up with what I find underhand. Tartar is one of my favourite ways to savour raw fish, beef or horse. But one thing we can't fuss about, it's the health hazard related to eating raw fish. Parasites related to raw fish is always risky business even if the number of reported cases of infected people is quite low. There isn't any better way than freezing or cooking your meat to kill the parasites before eating it. It would be enlighting to have your advice on the appropriate ways to choose, care, preserve and dress meat select to be dressed as tartar.

Jerry said...

Sebastien, you are absolutely right about the parasite threat. While ago I have learned that deep freezing for 24 hours is the best way to eliminate this problem. I am lucky to have commercial size upright freezer so when I make gravlax or salmon tartar I freeze it to -25 °C. Salmon freezes so well because of high fat content. Beef on other hand doesn’t so I choose fresh lean sirloin and grind it myself. As a mater of fact I never buy ground meat, I must know what is in it and supermarket ground meat can contain anything.