Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canon Rebel T1i - 1st impressions

Last two days I have tested the camera in all Basic and Control modes and I am very impressed. Since I have used SLR for over 40 years I am very comfortable with Manual and Program modes and for now using them almost exclusively. What impresses me the most is range in shutter speed from 1/4,000 sec. to 30 seconds and the film speed (ISO) from 100 to 12,800. In old days, I was using 400 ISO Tri-x film a lot, at the time it was highest ISO rated film readily available. That ISO of 12,800 is almost incomprehensible. I will have to play around with that setting and see how grainy it is and how much notice it has. What surprised me is that there is no “B” (bulb) setting (you press shutter button once to open and second time to close). I did use it with my old SLRs for astro photography with my 8” telescope where you have shutter opened for several minutes or even hours, depending on film used.
Here are 2 photos to show how much detail it can record. The picture was taken handheld, autofocus, ISO 320, F=18, Shutter 1/20 with image stabilizer On.

You can see caraway seeds in detail as well as each flake of Panko breadcrumbs. Impressive.

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