Sunday, March 13, 2011

Got myself new DSLR camera!

I have taken the plunge and bought Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
The reason I bought this camera was because of incredible pictures I see every time I read Wondering Chopsticks blog. I emailed her and asked her what camera she was using and then started to look around for used one. Nobody around had one so I have just waited for some store weekly sale or special. Thanks, WC! Your pictures are the best.
Anyway, good thing that I have a lot of experience with SLR cameras as well as digital point and shoot cameras. It really came handy when I started to play around with it last night. There were some features or aspects that did puzzle me little, but after thinking about the problem I did manage to solve it. I just couldn’t get the display screen to show live view, or what I am actually shooting. I had to look through viewfinder, just like in my old SLRs. After thinking about it and knowing SLR cameras inside out, I figured that it has to be only one mode at the time – screen or viewfinder. When the mirror is down you can see through the lens and see exactly what will appear on film/chip. Once the mirror is up it, blocks the viewfinder but allows light to reach the film/chip. I still have 4 Minolta plus one Pentax SLR camera bodies plus lenses ranging from 17mm fish eye to 200 to 1000mm telephoto lenses, plus array of close up lenses and bellows and, of course half a dozen flashes and strobes. Then, there is equipment for two complete darkrooms with enlargers, trays, color analyzers, drums for developing film…lots of equipment. All that great stuff is now worthless. Technology keeps marching on and those that do not adapt will stay behind. Sad but true.
More on the capability of this camera later as I will take it through its paces.
I am back behind the lens!!!!!

Note: I may join the crowd and start my own Project 365. That means another new page on my blog! This is fun!


Anonymous said...

Nice treat!

Jerry said...

Is it ever! And impressive to boot. Over 15 megapixels. Yup, uncle deserves it. Now I have to see what to do with tons of old stuff.