Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just Few Weeks to Our First Game!

It is just a wishful thinking but we did play here in middle of March, so why not this year? It was great to have the mental and physical rest through the winter but now we are roaring to go. Right now the golf bags are getting cleaned and reorganized, the golf balls are being cleaned and sorted (we have tested 3 different types of balls to see which is best for our game) and game pass books from different courses are being found and to our surprise they are expired. We’ll have to see if they can be transferred to new season. I do not see any problem since we have already bought new pass books. After all, not too many courses can afford to loose a steady customer in this economic climate, right?
Next few days I’ll check the grips and grooves on club heads, then shoes and we will be ready to go.
Garden seedlings over left shoulder, golf stuff in front of you…yeah, Spring is here!

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Anonymous said...

You got that right, it is almost here. The greens are showing their colors already and the robins have arrived.
What other signs do you need?

I am ready....