Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jumping Robin Update

Our Jumping Robin has a family and is very busy feeding them with his partner. I would love to know how many flights a day both of them make. Unfortunately, I can’t tell how many of the 4 eggs hatched, there is always one parent around and the last thing I want to do is to disturb them. This year they build their nest higher and closer to the trunk of our spruce so it is difficult to have a look or to take pictures. As far as I know this is the only nest in that tree. We have other two spruce trees and they are virtual avian nurseries. The tree in front of our sunroom has one Grackle nest, 2 Mourning Dove nests, 2 House Sparrow nests and one Chipping Sparrow nest. That’s not a tree, that’s a condominium!
The other spruce has 2 House Finch nests and 1 Chipping Sparrow nest. Needles to say, there is always some bird flying in front of our windows and Robins being Robins the singing starts about 45 minutes before sunrise.

Adult dove feeding babies.

Mama keeping watch.

One Mourning Dove family has 2 chicks that partially feeding for themselves but most of the feeding is done by parents. The chicks are very tame whereas parents are very skittish, you can’t get close to them.
Also, the bird bath that we have in our Japanese Garden in front of our living room door is very busy place and the robins, finches and sparrows put on quite a show. There is so much splashing going on that we have to top it with fresh water on daily basis.

Bird bath in Japanese Garden. View from our living room sofa.

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