Friday, May 6, 2011

Grilled Sardines - Sardinhas Assadas

Yesterday, for very first time, I prepared grilled sardines.
They were absolutely irresistable and what a revelation it was! I have worked with many Portuguese guys back In Toronto and they were talking about grilling sardines on barbecue every summer weekend. For some reason I was never tempted to give it a try. Too bad that I didn’t try it back in Toronto because during summer months one fish market where we used to shop had fresh sardines flown in from Portugal every Friday and they were sold out within hours. Now I know why.  Is this meal ever simple and good and when I say that it is simple, I mean that it is simple to prepare as well as cook. All you need is about 4 large sardines per person (scaled and cleaned), coarse sea salt, black pepper, caramelized onions (optional), lemon, olive oil and nice crusty Portuguese or Italian buns. As for cleaning the sardines, watch the video from YouTube, it is very detailed.
Needless to say, I bought another bag of frozen Portuguese sardines and when the weather is decent enough I will be grilling again.

If you have trouble loading video, just click here.

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