Friday, August 5, 2011

Veggie Garden Update August 5, 2011

With the crazy weather we are having this year it is amazing that almost everything is pretty much on schedule. Big exception is my peach, sad story that requires its own post.
The yellow and green bush beans are done and will be pulled out next week. I am not sure if I will grow them next year since the Chinese Yard Long beans taste better and are a lot easier to pick. I think that I have planted way too many for our own use. Looks like I will be freezing some. Despite the overabundance of long green beans I have replanted snow peas for a fall crop as well as Amish Snap peas, new one for me. Since Ferdzy of Seasonal Ontario Food had such a positive post on this particular variety I had to try them.
Same story with tomatoes, I have planted way too many plants and a variety that realistically can be used only fresh.  We have tried freezing the cherry tomatoes but it was a waste of time and energy. Huge surprise for me was paste tomato Margherita. Last week I had a big bunch on that one plant mature at the same time; nice, heavy, bright red fruits. About the same number of the fruits  were still green and at least 2 weeks from being ready for harvest. This morning they are on orange side and I have noticed new set of flowers at top of the plant. I have no idea what this variety is: is it determinate, semi-determinate or indeterminate? Anyway, at least I don’t have to pick just few each day. Back to why this tomato was a surprise: they make most fantastic, thick sauce. I have ended up with almost consistency of tomato paste! Not only that, but the taste! So deep and, well, tomato-y (?). I can’t wait to toss the sauce with my fresh pasta! I planted only one plant this spring but next year I’m looking at 3 or 4 Margherita plants and only 2 salad tomatoes, 1 Mountain Magic and 1 Sweet Baby Girl. Cucumbers were another first for me this year and also nice surprise. They are done so I’ll be pulling out the vines same day as beans, there are just few very small and dark cukes. I have enough pickles in jars for us so next year I will plant the same number of plants and in the same container.
Eggplants are another story of way too many for us but at least I can grill them and freeze them. I have 3 plants, all grown in containers, and all 3 are very productive. Variety is Gretel, slender white Oriental type eggplant. Next year I will grow only one of each: white and purple Japanese eggplants, variety to be determined later.
Peppers are doing great as well but I’m not sure if it is worth it to grow them in my very small garden. I can get them really cheap at any Amish roadside stand, very fresh and organic. Same goes for many other vegetables and fruits.
It looks like that plan form my next year veggie garden is well under way! Flower garden is another story, though. That is my next post.

This is part of harvest over 2 days from my tiny garden. It is way more then we can use fresh.

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