Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Critters in Our Garden

It was interesting to see how many welcome and un-welcome critters visit our garden in just 5 short minutes. With all the flowers in our garden it is inevitable that we will see lots of insects and birds. We are lucky that we don’t have any racoons even though they do a lot of damage just 20 meters across the street by digging up the lawns looking for white grubs. Same goes for deer and badgers, they just do not cross the street. Rabbits and chipmunks are another story. I have learned which flowers and plants need protection and which they don’t like. It is unfortunate but I had to put up chicken wire fences around my peas, beans and other plants. Chipmunks might look so harmless and cute but they did chew up my irrigation tubing and dug up some plants. I have to admit, though, they are fun to watch just like the rest of garden creatures.
These pictures were taken in just 5 minutes from our deck.

Garden enemy #1

Cute, but can be destructive.

Mourning Dove taking a break.

This insect looked like a fly but behaved like a bee.

And, speaking of bees...

hard at work and not bothering anybody.

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