Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Great Way to Shrink Garden Waste

Since I don’t have room or place for compost pile I have to dispose of all our garden waste either at our town’s Transfer Station or in regular garbage. Line ups at Transfer Station are huge at this time of the year, 60 cars or more. You have to sign in with full name and address, then drive in, back up against the pile of other people's waste, unload and drive out to make room for more cars. You are looking at half an hour wait to dump few containers. On top of it, the Station is opened only 2 days a week for 3 hours. The smaller neighboring towns have dumps opened 24/7! Go figure. Our garden end-of-season clean-up is spread over quite a few weeks so I came up with a good way to shrink the volume so that we can drop it in garbage bag with a regular household waste, no extra bag, and therefore no extra garbage tag (we have to pay user fee for every bag with weight and bag size limits restrictions). My way works even better if there is a stretch of couple sunny days to dry up the processed waste. All you need is lawnmower that mulches and collects. Even though I have never composted I am sure that this waste treatment would work great for composting.
Here is what I do.

This is all that was left, about 1/4 in volume of what I started with...

and after 2 days of drying it shrunk even more. Ready for a garbage bag.

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