Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mystery Heirloom Geranium

(Post for GardenWeb forum members)

At the last local Horticultural Society meeting everybody attending was given 4” pot with red geranium plant and with a task to identify it. The donor and speaker for the night was local nursery owner who said that this particular geranium was in his family for over 100 years but nobody knows the name.
Any help in identifying this plant is deeply appreciated.

Small flower of this specimen is very rose like in shape and deep red in color. Every individual bloom that forms head looks just like a mini rose.


Patty said...

This is a rosebud type geranium.
I would be very much interested in purchasing one. If you wouldn't mind providing the name of the nursery or trading/selling a slip off yours if you still have it, I would be interested. In live in London ON.

Jerry said...

Patty, unfortunately I have never though about keeping cuttings for next season. It was a beautiful plant and thank you for identifying it. I will get in touch with our Hort. society and contact the nursery. I think there is a way to contact me privately through Google Blogs.

wild1111 said...

Thanks Jerry. :)
I could not figure out how to contact you through Google Blogs although I did "Follow" your blog.
So, I sent you an email through GardenWeb which I also am a member of.

Jerry said...

Thank you Patty for bringing this beautiful geranium to my attention. I will hunt down the grower and will try to get some cuttings. This time I will save them over winter, it is not that difficult.