Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crisp Skin Pork Roast Trick

For some reason only pork roast with bone in and skin on in all 3 supermarkets in my small town carry only narrow cut that is impossible to roast with the skin on top. The meat always falls on the wide, flat side with skin on side. You can never get a crisp skin, the reason I buy this cut in first place. I have come up with a solution to keep the roast skin side up. Since picture is worth thousand words, here are 2,000 words. Try it, you will be amazed how well it works. Make sure you are using strong bamboo skewers, though. I used recycled skewers from seafood kebab but they were just about adequate, not as strong as I thought they would be. Since then I bought flat bamboo skewers from Dollar Store and they are perfect.

How is that for crispy skin!

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