Monday, February 28, 2011

Golf Season 2011 is slowly creeping up on us!

Note: This is really last cross post where I post an article in dedicated blog, in this case “Our Golf” and then upload same post to main blog (this one). But, golf is special so it does deserve a special treatment. I think J.

This afternoon we went to see our favorite local golf course, Tillsonview Fairways, and even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground with only few clear patches showing green grass and a promise of things to come, the owners, Ben and Janet were there. Well, we don’t really know for sure but there was a car right in front of clubhouse side door. It won’t be long now! Time to start cleaning the golf bags, check spikes on shoes and clean the shoes, something that should have been done last fall L. Then I have to check and change the grips if necessary, groove the wedges, check lofts and lies of club heads…what a busy time it is going to be for me: flower seedlings, spray and prune peach tree, start veggies, golf equipment, etc. And I’m loving it!

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