Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've done it!

After promising my wife that I will start my own food blog I have finally done it! I am sure that lot of people that saw movie “Julie and Julia” decided that it would be interesting thing to try. Where to start?
Maybe I just post some pictures of my garden and food that I have cooked recently. But first, I have to find my way around the Blogger and see how it is done, I guess.

Pan seared duck breast on bed of arugula with three grains risotto (barley, wild rice and basmati rice) that I have served on Thanksgiving Monday..
I will post my version of this dish at a later date.

1 comment:

Marjo said...

You did it, good for you. First entry in your blog...

Let the adventure begins!

That dish was absolutely delicious, the risotto was full of wild flavors and the texture of the seared duck was like ice cream.

What a creation!